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Booking Terms & Conditions.

1. It is the passenger's responsibility to inform the boat captain if they have any physical condition which may potentially cause them an issue whilst onboard the boat.

2. The trip organisers will not accept any responsibility for any injury or illness that occurs during your trip.

3. The trip organisers will not accept any responsibiltiy for any loss or damage to passenger's property during the trip.

4. Refunds will not be considered for cancelations within 48hrs of time of departure, unless the trip organisers are able to arrange alternative replacement passengers.

5. Smoking, consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs are not permitted onboard the boat.

6. In the case of adverse weather, it is the trip organiser's decision whether to proceed with booked trips. The trip organisers will in normal circumstances inform passengers of any cancelation with a minimum of 2 hours notice of any cancelation. In the case of cancelation all passengers will be offered a refund or an alternative booking whenever possible.

7. All passengers are asked to assemble at the designated meeting point in front of the Salt Shack Cafe, at least 15mins prior to time of the scheduled trip. Failure to do so may result in a delay to the departure, interference to the daily timetable and inconvenience to other passengers, as such the trip organisers reserve the right to proceed with the trip without waiting for late arrivals, in these circumstances no refunds will be issued.

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