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Our Story

Hi, my name is Glen Milligan, I'm the very proud owner and skipper of 'Pirate Gracie'. For many years I have been fishing from Hayling Island, previously owning charter boats and for the past seven years I have been commercially fishing for Sea Bass. Our fishing was extremely sustainable as for all of our fishing we used fishing rods rather than nets. Our fish was sold to some local shops and to wholesalers who then supplied exclusive restaurants throughout Europe. This meant that I'd sailed along Chichester and Langstone Harbour literally thousands of times as I travel to sea, always enjoying and marvelling at the sheer beauty and its incredible wildlife. Commercial fishing can be extremely tough and so it was that last last year I made the decision to change. 

As I was keen to stay working on the water I decided that I would create a new business, I wanted to take clients fishing for bass and to also take the public out onto the water, I really wanted to show just amazing the huge natural harbours are around Hayling Island. Particularly the youth of today. I believe that today's children are tomorrow's adults and as such it will become their responsibility to protect and maintain these resources. 

Boat trips Chichester

Previous commercial fishing boat, heading to sea.

Seal trip
Seal watching

A nice rod & line caught sea bass.

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